The Florida EP

by Kyle Anne

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released August 5, 2016

Vocals, Guitar – Kyle Anne Duggan
Pedal Steel – Gary Cosden

All Songs written by Kyle Anne Duggan

Produced by Kyle Anne Duggan and Braun Balsai

Recorded and Engineered by Braun Balsai

Album Art by Lee Bretschneider



all rights reserved


Kyle Anne Fort Myers, Florida

Berklee drop out with a penchant for hollow body guitars and writing songs about boys. Pedal Steel makes me swoon. Please "Like" my Facebook page and buy my music, I really want to quit my day job.

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Track Name: O My Weary Heart
Oh my weary heart, my love has gone away.
Up to Tennessee, on a mountaintop he'll stay.

He'll chase the dawn like a morning dove,
He'll find another girl to love,
And he'll treat her better than me.

Oh my weary heart, my love has gone away.
Oh my weary heart, will just give out one day.
Track Name: Florida
I carry 'round my heart, through the city streets and parks
It feels heavy in the snow, I keep it out so people know
the city bested me.

Metal figures block the sky, I tilt my head and squint my eyes
All at once it gets to me, who ever knew that being free
could dismantle me?

I wish I was in Florida where the people aren't as mean
I'm sick of hiding in the city fulfilling someone elses dreams
if I crack from all the pressure then you'll never get to measure
what I'm worth to you, cause I'm worthless it seems
Cause I want to be in Florida, I wish I was in Florida

New England broke my heart, so I decided to depart
To where a drinking habit's cheap, and all the liars and the creeps
Are the company I keep

Cause now I'm back in Florida and the sunshine warms my heart
I'll take it easy for awhile and fix my lost and broken parts
I'll lay around, I'll paint the town, and maybe now I'll get it right
this time around, get myself off the ground
Cause now I'm back in Florida, now I'm back in Florida

I keep growing, growing down, my roots are deep into the soil
I grew down and out, not up and out, and started to recoil
from who I'm meant to be. That's all lost on me

Cause now I'm stuck in Florida where the people never die
They cling to live and to each other just like lovebugs in July
and I'll continue drinking so I don't have to keep thinking about going back
cause it's much too late for that
Now I'm stuck in Florida, now I'm stuck in Florida

Please get me out of Florida
Track Name: Snake in the Grass
Got a bone to pick with you
Karma's a bitch and honey so are you
I know what you are

In a small town you got stuck
riding on the tail of every man you fuck
I know what you are
I know what you are

So talk your trash cause you have no class and
It's all you know to do
The good you lack will just come back to bite you
Like a snake in the grass

Daddy never wanted you
You're full of hate because he hated you
He knows what you are

Baby daddy's catching on
You couldn't fool him well for very long
He knows what you are
He knows what you are


Now he knows you need him
You keep quiet until you're underneath him
Give him a damn good show
It's all you'll ever know

Track Name: Fold
The Day is done, oh fading sun
You lay down your crooked crown
and fold into me, fold into me

we're far from old, despite the cold
the night's on fire and so are we
so fold into me, fold into me

hold on tight and feel the heat
and I will bask in my defeat
cause I didn't let you in, but you got under my skin
you got under my skin

I'm overcome, I come undone
so I close my eyes and breath a sigh
and fold into you, fold into you